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Florida 511 Mobile App For Android And Apple Devices

Navigating The Florida 511 Mobile App

» Open the app.
» Click “Destinations” (bottom left of screen) to open Drive and Map Mode.
» Click “Talk” to receive traffic information on any state road or specific area of interest.
» Click “Incidents” to receive the list of traffic activity, ranging from construction to congestion and more in the designated areas.

For more features:

» Click “Menu” (three bars, top left) to view the following: Incidents, Destinations, Settings, Night Mode, Keep Awake and Truck Parking.
» Click “Settings” to customize your settings, such as: incidents within a radius, auto-refresh interval, speaking rate, recording interval, map settings and more.

The Mobile App also includes the following functionality:

» The “Traffic Signal” symbol (upper left corner) allows you to see traffic congestion in your immediate vicinity or designated map location.
» The “Bullseye” symbol re-centers your screen’s map to your current location.
» The “Plus (+)” symbol allows you to add your current location as a destination for future use.
» The “Magnifying Glass” symbol allows you to search for a destination or address.

What features have been added?

• Enhanced user interface.
• Voice interaction feature functionality. Users can speak a request for a city, county, or roadway to view relevant events.
• Ability to limit events displayed to a configurable radius around the user.
• Lists of all events displayed by the Mobile App along with their associated camera snapshots.
• Ability to create and save destinations as well as import destinations from FL511.com.
• Truck parking locations and availability.
• Ability to display road closures and detour routes on the map.
• Settings have been added. The user can select map, radius, destinations and other settings to customize the Mobile App for their unique needs.


The ability to view events within a specific radius. Create and save destinations. Travel times. Turn-by-turn directions. Multiple routes provided for each destination.

» Click on the “magnifying glass” icon at the top right.
» Type in your destination in the pop-up bar.
» The screen refreshes and displays a map icon in the middle.
» Click on the map icon.
» The Mobile App creates a new window and gives you up to three travel options.
» Choose which route you want to go to and agree to go there. A trip will then be generated.

Add your Current Location

» You can set your Current Location by clicking on the “+” sign in the top right corner of your map.
» The “Add Current Location” window pops up.
» Fill in the Name and Address of your Location.
» Enter a category for the Location Type.
» Save your new Location.

Add a New Destination

» You can add a new destination by clicking on the Destination icon on the bottom left of your screen.
» The “My Destinations” window pops up.
» Click on the “+” sign in the top right corner of your window.
» The “Add New Destination” window pops up.
» Fill in the fields and save your new destination.

Edit a Destination

» Go to “My Destinations.”
» Click on the route you would like to edit.
» Slide the row to the right.
» Click on the Edit button.
» Make the necessary revisions.
» Save the entry.

Delete a Destination

» Go to “My Destinations.”
» Click on the route you would like to delete.
» Slide the row to the left.
» Click on the Delete button.


The ability to display real-time traffic information including crashes, congestion, construction and closures.

» Click on the “Incidents” icon on the bottom right.
» The Incidents window pops up.


» The Mobile App shows a map of your current location when it launches.
» Click on the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen to launch the “Talk“ feature.
» A new window opens with the microphone icon.
» State the destination request for a county, city, or highway in Florida to view and listen to traffic information.
» If necessary … Repeat or add more information, if the Mobile App doesn’t understand your voice.
» Click “Allow” for the Florida 511 Mobile App to record audio. By allowing this, it will allow the Mobile App to provide information in an audible format.
» The Mobile App listens for a response then gives the directions. Wait until the Mobile App shows that it is ‘listening’ for your request. Once it shows this, speak the information you want and then tap send.

Menu Options

Menu Options

The Menu provides another way to access traffic Incidents and Destinations, as well as the ability to customize your Settings. Other options include Night Mode, Keep Awake, Cameras, Message Signs and Truck Parking.

» To access your Menu, select the white icon with the three horizontal bars on the upper left-hand corner.
» The map slides to the right and reveals a new window with the menu options.
» To exit your Menu, select the white icon with the three horizontal bars on the upper right-hand corner.

» From the Settings window you can adjust the radius of Incident detection by the Mobile App, autorefresh, the speaking rate, and recording interval.
» The Map Settings has the option to avoid highways, avoid tolls, display alternate routes on your map, a scale on bottom of your map, estimated travel time and choose the type of map whether it be a road-map view or a satellite view or both.

Night Mode
» The user has the option of having a darker screen.
» Simply touch the button that says, “Night Mode” or select the Sun icon on the top left-hand side of the Menu.

Truck Parking
» Enable the “Truck Parking” button on the Menu window.
» The Truck Parking icon shows up wherever there are parking spots available for trucks at rest areas.

What are some of the features of the Florida 511 Mobile App?

• Voice interaction.
• Drive mode.
• Multiple routes provided for each destination.
• Turn-by-turn directions.
• Travel times.
• Real-time traffic information including crashes, congestion, construction and closures.
• Traffic cameras.
• Optional feature to see truck parking locations on the map and the availability of spaces at that location.

Where can I get the App?

It is available at the Apple App Store and Google Play.

I already have the Florida 511 Mobile App on my smartphone. Do I need to do anything?

You don’t have to do anything if your apps are automatically updated. If not, you will need to update the App.

Is there a cost?

FL511 and its Mobile App is a public service provided by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to increase safety and reduce driving time on Florida roads. There may be a cost for the data used on smartphones from the data provider.

I do not use the Mobile App, but would like to try it out. What do I do?

New users just download the App to their smartphone from the Apple App Store or Google Play. There is a wealth of information on the App, so it takes some time to explore and become familiar with the many features.

Travel smart with the FL511 Mobile App and connect, know and go!

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